Client story: The Straight

SSO and theme tweaks for The Straight, a Ghost site about horse racing.

Freelancing ghost and a new race horse friend.
I made a new friend!

Meet my freshly launched retainer client, Bren O'Brien, and sparkly new Ghost site, The Straight. It's been a lot of fun getting to support Bren's journey, and I love working on retainer, because it means I can smooth out the process of launching on Ghost.

Bren started from the World Times theme, and then we customized it to add some advertising space. World Times needs some editing to setup (due to the complicated homepage), and I took care of that, too.

We also added white-labeled social sign-in, for Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. That avoids all kinds of problems with in-app browsers working badly with Ghost's magic links, and helps get visitors coming from social media logged in and reading as fast as possible. (Bren did the work of getting each provider to approve the Straight's login app, so you'll be seeing their branding, not mine.)

Caution! ⚠️

Full stack developer at work!

This was a fun project, because I got to:

🎨Customize the theme, designed by GBJ

⚙️Integrate our single sign-on service.

📱 Create a seamless experience on mobile.

To see the site live, click the image below: