An unfortunate update

A bad accident, and subsequent adventures in caregiving

For folks who haven't already heard, an update on why my responsiveness has sucked lately. My spouse fell while rock climbing in the climbing gym in mid May, sustaining a burst fracture to one vertebra. (Those are the bad ones - basically, the whole vertebra shatters and damages the spinal cord.) He had emergency surgery, followed by 9 days in the hospital, followed by another 11 days in rehab. He came home at the start of the week, then promptly had another setback. The prognosis is pretty good - he'll eventually be able to walk without a walker, probably, but recovery from spinal cord injury is measured in months to years, not weeks, and I'm now dealing with being his primary caregiver, along with keeping the kids and cats alive. Medical care in the US is such a mess - dealing with coordinating his care has eaten most of my life.

Anyway, long story short: I'm not taking new clients at least through the end of June, and probably the end of July. If you have a deposited job and haven't already heard from me, my apologies. I tried to contact everyone, but spotty internet, sleep deprivation, and living in the hospital and rehab facilities for three weeks made everything harder. If you need a refund on something because a delayed timeline doesn't work, please get in touch.

I am back at my desk today, and am really hoping to get back into the swing of things the rest of this week.

Things continue to improve here, and thanks to everyone who emailed me after this post for your wishes and sympathy. The spouse is taking a few steps totally unassisted, and walking well with his trekking poles.

When the accident happened, I had about a six week backlog. I've been working hard this month to get caught up (and have completed several jobs), but I've got one big job and a couple smaller ones from before the accident that I'm still trying to get wrapped up, and my retainer clients (who mostly were very kind and didn't ask for anything for a month) are getting their requests handled, too!

As a result, I'm booking new work for about four weeks out. If I can help you with something and your timeline isn't super short, please feel free reach out, but if the first thing you need is several hours of discovery time this week, don't be surprised if I pass on it.