Spring break? Where?

A college visit for my senior, and double career transitions!

The Statue of Liberty, as seen from an airplane.
Those clouds closed back up moments later. Lucky catch!

Big week this week. I took my high school senior to visit Purdue, which is currently his top choice school. (He's mostly gotten deferred/wait-listed by other schools, but happily it's actually a really good fit for his interests, so if the universe wants to make this decision easy for him, so be it.) We came home by way of La Guardia, where we had bagels (mmm) and were treated to an unexpected overhead viewing of the Statue of Liberty. We left Tuesday night and came home Thursday morning, so you wouldn't think it would have entirely destroyed my break, but yeah, it entirely destroyed my break. I'd been hoping to get more caught up than I currently am, for sure.

The other big news this week is the my spouse turned on his #OpenToWork tag on LinkedIn. Things are getting real.... (Yeah, we don't do anything by halves around here. Double career transition? Bring it on!) If you know anyone looking to hire in data science, please hook him up.

Me? Still plugging along, making Ghost sites better. Just a bit over seven weeks to go.