Embedding stock info in Ghost

So you'd like to show some stock tracking information on your Ghost page? Read on!

Embedding stock info in Ghost

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But what about email?

All these embeds require JavaScript to work. They will not work in email. If you're writing a newsletter for emailing, none of these are the solution you're looking for. More details on the widgets collection page, linked above.

There are no affiliate links on this page. And no recommendations, either. The search results seem to be clogged with marginal-quality offerings and TONS of advertising. If you'd like to recommend a widget, or ask me to add your widget, please use the comments functionality below. I'm suspicious I haven't found the best stock market-related widgets in with all the noise – at least, not yet.


These guys offer a couple different layouts. They assume you have jQuery loaded already. To make the embed below work, I had to load it on this page. Not a big deal, but be aware that you'll need to load it, if your theme doesn't already. Hint: <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.7.1/jquery.min.js"></script>

My biggest complaint is that there's no really small card with just the ticker. I have some clients who sell financial services. They'd be interested in the ticker, but not the analysis, and there's no way to turn the analysis off.


These guys have a bunch of nice looking widgets (with backlinks), but it refused to embed, as you can see below:


This is an interesting embed generator with some customization options.

Here's the link to the code generators, including several with different styles, tables, charts, etc:

Webmaster Tools | Finance Widgets - Investing.com
Enhance your website with these investing.com webmaster tools widgets, with over 20 financial tools to choose from.

GuruFocus widgets

I had to make an account, which I did with SSO. Then I had to validate my email. Which is not how SSO is supposed to work, just sayin'. But, that aside, they have some interesting widgets. If they're still working after 1/27/24 (when the free trial they might have given me expires? not sure?), then these might be interesting. Here's the link, and a demo of one of the widgets.

Free Stock Widgets — Financial Web Components — GuruFocus.com
Embed free widgets in your website or blog. Stock market quotes, guru trades, market data in the functional HTML5 widgets by GuruFocus.com.

Got other widgets to recommend! Use the comments below!