CartHacks, a grocery list/ordering app

My React Native app simplifies meal planning and grocery ordering, using OAuth2 for API access to Kroger shopping cart.

CartHacks, a grocery list/ordering app

I wrote this React Native app to simplify meal planning and grocery ordering. It uses OAuth2 for API access to the Kroger shopping cart, with Firebase (RTDB) for persistent data storage and multi-device list-making.

What I used:

  • Firebase Realtime Database (JS SDK)
  • React Native
  • OAuth 2
  • Kroger's API endpoint
  • Web scraping (for some information not available through the endpoints)

If you shop at Kroger, or Ralphs, or another store in that family, check it out!  Links to the Google Play Stores and Apple App Stores are available on the website.

Part of the CartHacks website.  "Hack grocery shopping."  Let's face it, busy adults. No matter how much we might think we're going to be creative, we mostly buy the same groceries every week, from the same store. tracks your recipes and weekly purchases, so you can get your shopping done faster than ever.