Working with Ghost? Hire me!

A short run-down of some of the Ghost development work I've done for clients.

Working with Ghost? Hire me!

Is Ghost misbehaving? Do you need some help? Want your website to include a feature that isn't in your theme? Wish someone else would wrangle that CSS into submission?

I'm your gal. Please use my contact form.

Small jobs are welcome. I can mod your theme to switch to dark mode, add a drop-down menu or table of contents, change image sizes, retrieve some values from a public API, make custom pages for your theme, and more!

Get in touch and let's see how I can help you make your Ghost site exactly how you want it!

How I work


I am glad to quote a flat-rate or hourly price for your job. Just send some details on over and I'll let you know what it'll cost! Except for very small jobs, I require a 50% deposit to get on my calendar, and the other 50% on completion.

Ghost Expert Developer on Retainer

If you have a number of small ongoing needs, perhaps you need a "fractional" Ghost developer. Please check out my retainer plan!

Some testimonials

I run a Ghost website covering state politics. As such, even with my background in IT, I just don’t have time to figure out a coding problem; I’m too busy writing and editing.

On a forum for Ghost users and developers, I posted a particular feature I wanted to add to my site, and asked if anyone was interested in building it. Ms. Sarisky immediately contacted me, and after a few emails to make sure the details were agreed upon, got to work. In a few days I had the feature I wanted, coded very cleanly and professionally. I installed it, and it worked perfectly the first time I tested it.

If you are looking for software development work, you should definitely contact Cathy Sarisky. I’ve now got her in my contact list with an A+ beside the name.

--Bruce Maples, Publisher, Forward Kentucky
I've been a fan of for some time, but found myself lacking the expertise to fully leverage its capabilities. Time and again, whenever I sought support to optimise my Ghost experience, one name stood out: Cathy Sarisky.

Cathy's expertise in all things Ghost is unparalleled. Her straightforward advice and guidance are not only freely given but incredibly valuable. So valuable, in fact, that I willingly invested in her services to streamline my backend operations.

Cathy operates with a refreshing blend of professionalism, service orientation, and unwavering honesty. Her approach is direct, her service impeccable, and her depth of knowledge and talent undeniable.

I wholeheartedly recommend Cathy to anyone seeking to maximise their Ghost experience. With her at the helm, you're not just getting assistance; you're getting a partner committed to your success.

--John Savage, Zero BS Estate Agency
Cathy is excellent to work with! She was quick, concise, and responsive. Her changes worked the first time and she intuitively pointed out things that I overlooked. She'll be my first choice on future work.
-- Guy S., Starbuck's Exploring

Can I see some of your work?

Yes and no. Much of the work I do is smaller jobs, not entire sites, where I'm customizing a theme, not creating a whole site from zero. I encourage clients to buy/choose a theme that gets them 'close' to the goal, because that's a strategy for saving money compared to starting from zero! Much of the credit for the looks of the sites below goes to the theme creator, who I've linked to credit for their awesome work.

Here are some examples of my work:

I've also been known to work on other platforms... Here's a review from work I did (via Catch A Fire) on a troublesome Wix migration:

Working with Cathy was fantastic and we couldn't have accomplished our goals if it wasn't for her excellent work. I couldn't have imagined a more competent, professional, and fun person to work with.

--Patrick C., Group Against Smog & Pollution

Can I help you make your site awesome? Get in touch!