Happy Valentine's... blink blink

Valentines day dinner? Well, we hit February, anyway!

Happy Valentine's... blink blink

Well, we finally did it. In a normal year when one of us is not quarantining for COVID, my spouse and I usually celebrate Valentine's day a few days late. [Who wants more crowded restaurants and surge pricing and no babysitters?] This year was extra late, because first I was still masking and then the younger kid had a school 'fun night' (aka parent date night) this Friday, so it was worth waiting an extra week. But at last, off we went to our favorite Indian restaurant. We've been together 27 years, three states, two major remodels, and two kids, so there's some flexibility there.

This coming week is the last week of classes before Spring break. And none too soon. I really need a week without teaching to finish getting caught up on client work. It definitely feels like burning the candle on both ends right now.

In awesome news, 7 retainer clients! This quarter is already 2x what Q4 2023 was, although it's artificially boosted by an influx of annual retainer clients, who'll want work for the next 12 months but won't pay anything more for it. Still, pretty awesome. Now I just need to get caught up...

I spent much of today standing up a Netlify cloud function that will generate digest emails containing the client's upcoming calendar items, weather forecast, and all recent posts. It's not quite polished, but it's going to be pretty awesome.

~8 more weeks to go.