Posting via Ghost API gone wrong

An Admin API error I hadn't seen before, and what caused it.

Posting via Ghost API gone wrong
"errorMessage":"Internal server error, cannot save post.",
"context":"An unexpected error occurred, please try again. Cannot set property post of #<ListItem> which has only a getter",
"ghostErrorCode":null,"stack":["InternalServerError: Internal server error, cannot save post.","    at /var/task/node_modules/@tryghost/admin-api/lib/admin-api.js:463:33","  

Seen this one before? I spent a really long time on why my previously-working API calls to the Ghost Admin API were no longer working. This is maybe not the best error message I've ever seen, and it took me a very very long time, in part because the thing that broke was nowhere near the thing I was editing... I thought.

So, drumroll please:

This error is the result of trying to create a post in the Admin API (using the Javascript SDK, but it probably doesn't matter), using {format: html}, while accidentally feeding in malformed HTML. I lost over an hour to this one. I tried to rule out the problem by replacing my HTML with something simple really early on, but I was using the same HTML in two separate API calls, and didn't realize I was just swapping out which one was crashing first. Finally I fed my HTML through an HTML validator, and bingo. Turns out that nesting an image in a <ul> tag is unacceptable, and that's what my code was doing.


Anyway, here's the error message, in hopes that it'll save someone else an hour!

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