On eating frogs

An update, some whining, and some winning.

A grossed out ghost and a line of frogs.

One of the funnier analogies for dealing with procrastination that I've seen is the idea of "eat the frog!" Meaning that you start the day by doing the thing you're avoiding most.

This has been a week of eating frogs. Unfortunately, there's still a line...

A grossed out ghost and a line of frogs.
It'd be better if these were chocolate frogs. Just sayin'


Sometimes, it's the little things. Thanks to stiw47 over on the Ghost forum for making my week, when I helped debug their problems sending email from self-hosted Ghost. :)

Owww. My eyes!

And thanks to John Savage for making my week last week, with this LinkedIn review:

"I've been a fan of Ghost.org for some time, but found myself lacking the expertise to fully leverage its capabilities. Time and again, whenever I sought support to optimise my Ghost experience, one name stood out: Cathy Sarisky.

Cathy's expertise in all things Ghost is unparalleled. Her straightforward advice and guidance are not only freely given but incredibly valuable. So valuable, in fact, that I willingly invested in her services to streamline my backend operations.

Cathy operates with a refreshing blend of professionalism, service orientation, and unwavering honesty. Her approach is direct, her service impeccable, and her depth of knowledge and talent undeniable.

I wholeheartedly recommend Cathy to anyone seeking to maximise their Ghost experience. With her at the helm, you're not just getting assistance; you're getting a partner committed to your success."