Client story: Make Good Places

Playing games with product cards, and pulling data from Google Sheets, oh my!

A happy Ghost carrying planet earth, surrounded by hearts.

Please join me in welcoming DeeDee Birch and Make Good Places to Ghost!

The theme is derived from Petra, from Aspire Themes. Some of the features we added:

A directory of vendors, which pulls data from a Google Sheet, complete with filtering. (DeeDee has a little more work to do on location tagging, still.)
A new use of the product card, as seen on the bedroom guidelines page. This is how it looks on the live page (with one section expanded).
Each of those boxes is a product card in the Ghost editor, so they're easy to add to or edit, but some css (and a teeny bit of javascript for the expansion) makes them act like toggle boxes, revealing their text when clicked. While not perfectly WYSIWYG, it's quite workable!

I've written about Ghost product cards before. More than once. They're one of my favorite ways for dealing with grouped content.

You can also see a little handlebars trickery on the Guidelines page, where I pull in a card for each page with a specific tag, making it easy to display what looks like a hierarchy of pages, without actually having a hierarchy in Ghost.